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Flexibility and Diversity: Two Advantages of a Career with SelmanCo

by Mim Thurman on March 6, 2023

Smart jobseekers recognize how important it is to work for a good company. You want a position that enables you to thrive professionally and earn the compensation you deserve, but you also need a company with a positive work culture to ensure you enjoy going to work every day. If you’re interested in working for an employer that prioritizes flexibility and diversity, consider a career with SelmanCo.

Why Flexibility and Diversity Matter

Research shows that today’s jobseekers are prioritizing flexibility and diversity – and for good reason.

For example, a survey from The Manifest found that 70% of jobseekers want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Glassdoor found that 76% of jobseekers and employees say whether a company has a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating job offers and companies. Furthermore, 32% would not apply to work for a company that doesn’t have a diverse workforce.

Flexibility is also a top priority for many jobseekers – more employees now expect remote work and flexible hours. McKinsey found that 58% of U.S. employees can work remotely at least some of the time, and 87% take the opportunity to work flexibly when it’s provided. In Bankrate’s Job Seeker Survey, 55% of workers said the capability to work from home or have a more flexible schedule is more important to them now than it was before the pandemic. In comparison, 52% of people say higher pay is more important.

These priorities make sense. No matter how dedicated you are to your career, you have other responsibilities in your life: you have friends and family who need you as well as hobbies and passions you need to make time for.

Balancing your career and personal life is easier when your employer recognizes that employees are individuals with commitments and needs outside of work. Employers that provide flexibility enable employees to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. Furthermore, employers that value diversity recognize the strengths different people have when they’re given an inclusive work environment. The result is a healthy work environment in which employees thrive and the company prospers.

Flexibility and Diversity at SelmanCo

SelmanCo is dedicated to creating a diverse and flexible workplace. These aren’t just buzzwords to us: our policies and daily operations help us create a positive work culture that prioritizes diversity and flexibility.

We offer work-from-home availability. Although not all positions are suited to remote work (and not all employees prefer remote work), this is an important option for employees who want to save time and money on commutes and balance work with their personal and family commitments. Around 20% of SelmanCo staff choose to work completely remotely and roughly 30% have hybrid arrangements to work from home some of the time. Our call center jobs are particularly well suited to remote work. Plus, we offer the chance to work during multiple time zones. This allows for flexible hours, which can be beneficial for both our workers and customers.

Flexibility is important because workers are unique. Diversity matters for the same reason. SelmanCo is a subsidiary of One80 Intermediaries – an organization with a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. We promote genuine collaboration built on respect for each other and don’t tolerate harassment, racism, or discrimination. In 2020, One80 Intermediaries hosted its first Women’s Roundtable. Women comprise 55% of C-Suite positions and 61% of all positions. The Diversity&Inclusion Council helps guide us toward our diversity and inclusion goals.

Careers with Great Employee Benefits

In addition to committing to diversity and flexibility, employers can help workers thrive by offering great employee benefits packages. Employees work to provide for their families and build their futures. Employee benefits can go a long way toward supporting these goals. For example, health benefits help you and your family proactively maintain wellness and more affordably manage unexpected illnesses and injuries. Disability insurance, life insurance, and retirement savings plans lead to a more financially-stable future.

When health and financial stress are controlled, you’re in a better position to do your best work. At SelmanCo, we recognize this and provide benefits that support financial and physical health. Our employees have access to 401(k) plans with a company match to help them meet their retirement savings goals. We also offer a full package of insurance with health, dental, and vision coverage as well as life insurance, accident insurance, short-term disability insurance, and long-term disability insurance. To promote the health and wellbeing of our workforce, we have onsite fitness facilities and sponsored fitness events.

SelmanCo Values Employees

If you’ve ever worked at a toxic company, you know how detrimental such an environment can be to both the company and the workers. Employees aren’t valued and don’t have the resources or support they need to thrive professionally. Stress levels are high and morale is low. This hurts productivity and leads to high turnover, meaning the company suffers, too.

It doesn’t have to be like this. By creating a positive and supportive work environment, everyone can benefit.

We have great employees at SelmanCo. We know that without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today. Creating a work environment where employees feel valued is part of our secret to success.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you want to know what it’s like to work at our company, you need to hear from the workers themselves. Here are some of the great things our employees have to say about us:

  • “Supportive culture, beautiful facility, great benefits, lots of holidays off.”
  • “Great people, peers and management alike.”
  • “Everyone has been supportive.”
  • “Employees treated well.”

What about third-party recognition? We have that, too. Zippia has recognized SelmanCo as one of the Best Places to Work in Ohio.

This is a big honor, but we know the work isn’t done yet. We want our company to be a place where employees can succeed today and build better futures for tomorrow – because we know that’s in our best interest as well as yours. To continue our dedication to this goal, we’re expanding our learning and development opportunities for all staff and training today’s employees to be tomorrow’s leaders.

About SelmanCo

SelmanCo is one of the largest, privately-held U.S. life and supplemental health insurance administration firms specializing in reducing costs and increasing efficiency for associations, credit unions, banks, employers, and insurance companies. Our workforce of 200 professionals is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. We also have offices in Keene, New Hampshire, and Baltimore, Maryland. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We’re always looking for promising talent. If you’re interested in a rewarding career at a company that values diversity, flexibility, and – most importantly – YOU, consider joining the SelmanCo team. Explore opportunities and apply at https://www.one80intermediaries.com/careers.

Topics: Selman & Company, Benefits, Diversity, Flexibility