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SelmanCo's Evolution: A Journey of Growth and Success

by Brinton Lincoln on September 13, 2023

Founded by John Selman in 1980, SelmanCo has grown from a small property and casualty focused insurance agency into one of the nation’s most significant providers of insurance administration services. Through strategic vectoring and acquisition, SelmanCo sprung from its humble beginnings into an organization administering over $300 million of annual premium, touching well over 1.5 million individuals.

After leading the company for its first two decades, John entrusted the company to his son, David Selman, who has led it for the last 23 years. Seeking to diversify the company and seize upon market opportunities, David adeptly led SelmanCo through numerous acquisitions and exponential growth. By 2020, SelmanCo’s position and reputation as a best-in-class administrator were well established within the insurance industry. For the business to unlock its full potential however, David recognized that SelmanCo would benefit greatly from being a part of a larger organization.

On July 1st, 2022, SelmanCo started a new chapter of its storied history. After 42 years of growth as a private, family-held entity, SelmanCo was acquired by One80 Intermediaries, a leading insurance wholesaler and program manager offering market leading access to major insurance markets in the US, UK, Canada and Asia, as well as exclusive programs and in-house binding authority for property & casualty, financial lines, personal lines, life insurance, medical stop loss risks, travel/accident and health, executive benefits, affinity business and warranty coverage. Now, more than a year post sale, it is evident that David’s intuition was correct as SelmanCo’s new ownership structure has opened the door to a multitude of exciting opportunities.


Cultural Fit:

While analyzing SelmanCo’s many suitors, David was singularly focused on finding an entity that shared the same values and culture as the company he and his father built. One80 Intermediaries proved the perfect fit. Its commitment to leading the industry in how it treats its employees, customers and partners is second to none. Moreover, One80 Intermediaries is unabashedly dedicated to diversity and inclusion efforts, affording all equal opportunity and fulfilment. Therefore, the values held by One80 Intermediaries were in perfect concert with those held by SelmanCo.      


Unlocking Potential:

Joining the One80 Intermediaries family has unlocked a great deal of potential for SelmanCo. As part of a larger and more significant organization, SelmanCo has gained newfound influence and credibility with its carriers, clients, and stakeholders across the industry. Moreover, the acquisition bore access to a wealth of expertise in the form of human capital from across the One80 Intermediaries franchise. The discerning and thoughtful people within the organization have added a fresh perspective to SelmanCo's operations. This union of experience and ideas has led to the identification of new opportunities and innovative approaches to opportunities. In kind, SelmanCo has helped One80 Intermediaries solve numerous administrative problems it once faced. SelmanCo has mobilized its core competencies to provide administrative support for the benefit of the organization at large.


Looking Forward:

The SelmanCo team looks forward to continuing its journey as a member of the One80 Intermediaries family. Much good has already come of the coupling and the opportunities on the horizon are many. SelmanCo will remain dedicated to its current partners and clients while maintaining its growth focused, entrepreneurial mindset. Embracing this new chapter, we are excited to blend our expertise with One80 Intermediaries' vision, further elevating the standards of excellence we set for ourselves and the industry.


Topics: Selman & Company